Three fake companies brought in 3000 expats were identified at Jleeb Al Shuyoukh

Three fake companies brought in 3000 expats were identified at Jleeb Al Shuyoukh

Police received order to arrest around 2,900 expatriates of various nationalities after 90 people who were arrested confessed they had paid the forged companies that signed contracts with various government bodies, Al-Anbaa daily reported.

The deputy prosecutor for human trafficking probed owners of three companies and released them on bail, the sources added. Meanwhile, a Syrian man was jailed for fake processing the government transactions which helped the forged companies to bring in, these large number of laborers.

A rapid and unexpected inspection was carried out by residency detectives in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, where many expats were arrested with residencies with companies having government contracts. When the expats were questioned as to why they are not going to their work as the inspection took place during regular working hours, they had responded saying that they paid in exchange for their visas, but were left helpless when they entered the country. Police reviewed the companies files and identified that the companies’ offices were shut with no activities. To their surprise, it was 3,000 people of various nationalities who were brought in by just three fake companies. The arrested workers said they paid between KD 1,500 and KD 3,000 per visa, and it was found that the majority of those brought in are Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Egyptians, with people from Pakistan paying KD 3,000 each, the sources said.

Courtesy: Kuwait Times


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