Thousands of Expats Driving License siezed who obtained through illegal means

Thousands of Expats Driving License siezed who obtained through illegal means

The Ministry of the Interior has withdrawn thousands of driving licenses from expatriates who have changed their profession and obtained license through illegal ways.

Sources confirmed that dozens of driving licenses were issued from various traffic department through illegal method. Ministry has withdrawn total of 37,000 driving licenses due to violation of traffic laws and change in profession from Jan 2015 – 2018.

To obtain driving license: Expats has to undergo long term process and those who meet salary requirement of KD 600, type of profession, graduation degree and residence in Kuwait for 2 years, the driving license is issued.

It is identified that expats have been obtaining driving license in illegal ways by deceiving on type of profession to acquire license and were caught during the renewal as residence renewal reflected that besides changing company, their designation also were changed.

Exceptional cases in license renewal – wife of the Kuwaiti woman who is widow or divorced, woman who have children, professional players, drivers, members of nursing bodies, pilots, captains.

Judges, prosecutors, consultants, experts, faculty members of universities, journalists, doctors, pharmacists, engineers, teachers, social workers, researchers, mosque imams and sports trainers are issued. The categories excluded from the term of residence are general managers and their assistants and Accountants.

Courtesy: Kuwait Times

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