Thousands of Expatriates Job titles cancelled while renewal

Thousands of Expatriates Job titles cancelled while renewal

The Public Authority of Manpower canceled thousands of expatriates’ job titles who had work permits and hold higher positions in the private sector after when they identified that they have no higher qualifications or their certificates are not documented by their country and not certified by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A government source revealed to Al-Rai that “the Authority has set a condition for renewing the work permit of those with the highest qualifications, which is to provide the original certificate of the academic qualification documented or attested by the official authorities in countries where the certificate is issued and by the relevant authorities in Kuwait, renewing it periodically.

The source explained that the Commission found thousands of files without the qualifications of higher job title, which made them cancel their job titles and there were some cases having a qualification but without attestation and with no consent.

Some expatriates refused to stay back in Kuwait after the modification of their job title and left the country, and some modified their job title from higher to a delegate post.
The government source also said that this step will significantly contribute to the limitation of the population structure and the retention of only highly qualified workers in the Kuwaiti labor market.

This rule is with no exception, and it cannot be bypassed, especially for owners of senior job titles like directors and officials of Kuwaiti institutions. Also stressed that the Commission will not show any negligence in applying the condition.

Courtesy: Al Rai Media


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