Visit visa duration is based on sponsors financial status

Interior Ministry Undersecretary for Residency Affairs Maj Gen Talal Maarafi authorized residency department directors in various governorates to assess expats’ visit visa applications and grant them one- to three-month visit visas on the condition that sponsors have high income and are fully capable of hosting the visitors, namely parents. The Sources told Kuwait Times that […]

459 people arrested in Jleeb and Fahaheel

The Interior Ministry’s general security department carried out two campaigns against makeshift markets and ‘suspicious’ apartments in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Fahaheel under the leadership of Assistant Undersecretary Maj Gen Sheikh Faisal Nawaf Al-Sabah. The campaigns resulted in arresting 459 persons 130 without IDs 51 in violation of residency law 26 absconders 15 over liquor 10 […]

Iqama Stickers on expats passports will stop soon

In order to develop and modernize various interior ministry departments, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah issued a ministerial resolution cancelling the use of residency stickers on expats’ passports and including all the needed data on their civil IDs instead, said assistant undersecretary for residency affairs Maj Gen Talal Maarafi. Speaking […]

Expats students studying abroad requires now a certificate

The general directorate for residency affairs took a step to counter manipulations, instructed all its sub-departments not to issue ‘absence permits’ for expat students studying overseas unless they provide –  ‘to whom it may concern’ certificates from their universities after endorsing it from Kuwaiti embassies in the country where they study. Security sources explained that […]

Expats with the Salary of KD 500 can also now sponsor their family for visit visa

The interior ministry’s residency affairs directorate announced new regulations for issuing various types of visit visas; it directed various department managers to set a minimum salary of KD 500 for sponsors applying for visit visas for their parents or in-laws. The instructions also authorized various immigration managers to set the visit period for parents and […]

Manpower Authority is on a plan to stop transfering Dependent visa(No.22) to Work visa(18)

Well-informed sources from the manpower authority told Kuwait Times that the authority is about to issue a resolution suspending the transfer of dependent (article 22) visas to article 18 visas to work for the private sector. The decision was made to prevent expats from changing their residency status. The motive is also to limit the […]

Government is on a move to ban renewal of Visa and Work permits of Marginal Laborers

The sources from Interior Ministry said the measures had been already studied and approved by the Cabinet with the aim of regulating the presence of marginal laborers and assessing the actual needs of the local labor market. They said expected government decisions includes banning the renewal of marginal laborers’ work permits and residency visas. Moreover, […]

Residency renewal impossible for “Managers” without University Degree

An official source at the Manpower authority said a circular was issued, which allows the residency renewal for those with the profession of “Manager” and without university degree, who has began working in Manager position before Jan 1,2011 and it is recorded in the work permit, which will be renewed automatically Whereas for those who […]