Online Registration procedures for Indians working overseas in the 18 countries

Online Registration procedures for Indians  working overseas in the 18 countries

Advisory issued by India’s Ministry of External Affairs on Nov 14, 2018

Rule is applicable From Jan 1st 2019
The registration is mandatory for all Indians heading for jobs in 18 countries for work (all the ECNR passport holders)
Countries are: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, the UAE and Yemen.

Register on E-migrate portal – (Registration is for free)

The requirement is to register at least 24 hours prior and before 21 days to departure(from India) to allow sufficient time for information to be passed on to the emigration counter for verification.

Below are the details to be noted:

  1. Those already working overseas are not required to register while they are overseas. However, if they come to India on vacation and are returning for work, they will need to register. This is only a one-time requirement for a given employment duration
  2. For ECR holders, If they had gone initially thru’ eMigrate, they must have gone through EC route while holding ECR passport. No registration is required for them unless they replace their passports with an ECNR category one.Their category will change to ECNR if the person is working in these above mentioned countries for more than 3years and they also should register in this portal. They will register like all other ECNR passport holders going for employment to ECR countries and they will not be required to obtain EC.
  3. Only travelers on Employment Visa need to register on the emigrate portal.
  4. If the emigrant has already provided the duration of his employment at the time of initial registration, and the vacation falls within the contract period, he/ she is not required to register again. But in case one has not registered at the time of initial departure, or if the employer changes, he/ she may register at the time of return from vacation.
  5. It is not mandatory for visiting visa holders
  6. The information required to be filled is minimal, like name, passport number, country of employment, FE name. This registration has no bearing on employee’s contract.
  7. Registration can be done only by being in INDIA, (you cannot access the site by being in abroad)
  8. After completion of registration, the applicant will receive a confirmatory SMS/email
  9. The mobile no to receive SMS should be an Indian number and it is not mandatory that the phone number should be the applicant’s.
  10. Those who fail to register and receive confirmation by SMS/email will not be allowed to board their flights, according to the new law.
  11. Once Applied, the registration cannot be cancelled.
  12. The registration confirmation of the applicant will be verified by the Bureau of Immigration (BoI) at emigration counters prior to their departure.

For any further assistance (you can access this only being in India)
**** Recent info says that the website can also be accessed by being anywhere*****

The objective for this registration is to capture the data of Indian emigrants so that they can be reached without delay in case of any eventuality. Implementation of this registration is only phase I of the plan so as to ensure that the system works smoothly


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