MoI and CSC is on move to reduce the expats count

MoI and CSC is on move to reduce the expats count

The interior ministry has come up with numerous proposals to control the demographic imbalance. A committee was called comprising of elements from the interior ministry, ministry of social affairs and labor and the manpower authority to prevent any manipulation, said security sources.

The sources explained that the core recommendation was to ban transferring the residency visas of expats terminated from government positions to work for the private sector, which is against the replacement policy and increases visa trafficking.

MoI also recommended reviewing the exact requirements of expats, as it is identified, recruiting numerous marginal laborers of a certain nationality.

Accordingly, MoI suggested imposing quotas per nationality, using timed contracts for government projects and hiring only those with enough experience and training.

In a similar move, the Civil Service Commission recently asked the education ministry to terminate the contracts of 1,186 non-Kuwaiti employees by the end of this year.

Courtesy: Kuwait News


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