Measures began to evict bachelors from private residential areas

Measures began to evict bachelors from private residential areas

Minister of Public Works and State Minister for Municipal Affairs Hossam Al-Roumi said steps had been taken against renting houses in private residential areas (government housing) for the bachelors.

Responding to an inquiry filed by MP Ali Al-Deqbasi, Roumi explained that initially, a complaint has to be filed at the area’s mayor office or the concerned municipality office before transferring it to the concerned emergency team for further measures starting with warning notices, followed by

  • Interior Ministry investigations
  • Filing citations against landlords
  • Contacting the Ministry of Electricity and Water to disconnect power
  • Finally resorting to compulsory eviction.

Local authorities have recently been increasing efforts to fight against the illegal practices committed by owners of government homes who offer place for rent to single expatriate men. The efforts came in response to complaints made by area residents who complained about the increased social and security risks, which they say as it is because of the bachelors in the locality.

In separate, an inspection campaign was held by the government’s tripartite committee at the Wafer market in Suliabiya, said Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s (MSAL) assistant undersecretary for cooperation affairs Abdul Aziz Shuaib.

He said the campaign resulted in issuing several citations including residency visa violations, working for other parties instead of sponsors, commercial fraud, using unequipped vehicles to transport fruits and vegetables and using fake bills. Shuaib added that 13 co-ops were fined for several violations.

Courtesy: Kuwait Times


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