Kuwait MP says 30% of 3.3 million expats are undeserving

Kuwait MP says 30% of 3.3 million expats are undeserving

A senior lawmaker said that over 30% of the 3.3 million expatriates living and working in the country are “not useful”, and the government should commence practical measures to limit the number of expats. MP Mohammad Al-Dallal, a member of a National Assembly’s panel told reporters that the large number of expatriates in the country, who forms 70% of the county’s population, creates major pressure on necessary services and infrastructure like health, traffic and so on.

The senior lawmaker requested the government that steps should be taken to reduce the numbers of each expat community, especially which are large in numbers like Indians, Egyptians and Bangladeshis. Dallal insisted that the current demographic structure, which is in favor of foreigners, involves national security risks for Kuwait and an immediate measures has to be taken to control this.

MP Dallal said the committee for Kuwaiti employment and replacement is expected to recommend to the government to change certain private sector professional jobs “entirely for Kuwaitis”. He said this proposal, which appears to be difficult to achieve due to the total dominance of expatriates in the private sector, can be made possible over a period of 10 or 15 years.

He said the committee will meet again on Sunday to approve its report to be sent to the Assembly, which starts its new term on Oct 30. Head of the panel MP Khalil Al-Saleh said it will inquire from the Civil Service Commission why it has allocated 90,000 jobs for expats in the government, around 5,000 jobs more from the current stage.

Courtesy: Kuwait Times

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