Kuwait Finance Ministry is in a move to replace expats workforce by kuwaitis

Kuwait Finance Ministry is in a move to replace expats workforce by kuwaitis

The finance ministry asked all state departments to prepare lists that include the number of Kuwaiti employees and other sites where Kuwaitis can replace expatriate labor by the end of March 2019.

By the completion of the e-government system, a huge number of work force will be a let go, as electronic linkage will surge the ease of work nature and the employees count will shrink, which demands for replacement of foreign labor with Kuwaitis.

Meanwhile, Public Authority for Civil Information statistics shows the number of Kuwaitis working in the public and private sectors in the age group 15-19 rose to 1,350.

The state department had said that the total number of Kuwaitis working in administrative jobs reached around 26,000 compared to 83,000 expats and this year will see 8,000 Kuwaitis replacing expats. The jobs Kuwaitis would replace expats in include 24 administrative fields including administrative specialists, storekeepers, administrative researchers, heads of department, liaison officers, secretaries, exchange operators, data entry personnel, managers, supervisors and administrative assistants.

The source said the jobs also include assistant deputy CEOs, advisors, data registrars, supervisors, mandoubs (representatives), coordinators, deputy officials and work force superintendents, besides other administrative jobs in the private sector. State departments included in their work plans for next year the replacement of 7,200 jobs including 2,000 jobs for new graduates and 5,000 from the public sector, the source said.

Courtesy: Kuwait Times

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