Skills and Experiences

Job No: Ref. JB3709069

Job Description
The Service Manager; is the person who is responsible for managing and controlling all maintenance and projects installations sections with the maintenance and installations supervisors.



  • Reporting to the Regional Service Manager, lead the country Service and Maintenance Supervisors and administration team in all facets of the department operations.
  • Oversee Daily operations of Installations and maintenance sections and all service contracts, key accounts and projects installations through department supervisors
  • Monitor all PPM programmes, records, internal audit inspection and reports to ensure that all services meet optimum operational and contractual standards and reporting.
  • Monitor Reactive maintenance calls and services for optimum response, job completion and reporting.
  • Oversee all accounts and collections for the service and maintenance department and all projects installations planning in coordination with Department Projects Manager, Sales Manager and Sales coordination team for equipment, delivery, installation and projects completion.
  • Oversee spare parts stock control, ordering, purchasing and best price valuation of suppliers and optimize staff allocation and assets for optimum efficiency in service provision and customer service satisfaction
  • Arrange and optimize internal and manufacture service training at all levels to maintain and improve technical and service provision ability
  • Mentor and train (as applicable) all supervisors and foremen in organization, leadership, quality of workmanship and customer service
  • Promote best practices in all working areas including Health & Safety, Risk Assessment, Food Safety for service personnel, service provision, internal audit and contract and department administration
  • Lead by example


  • Ensure the accurate preparation and maintenance of installation projects planning and operations status records for all projects
  • Oversee the maintenance records for all contract, PPM and reactive maintenance attendance and operations including workshop repairs
  • Lead weekly department operations status and planning meetings with supervisors
  • Submit weekly and monthly operations and status reports to the Regional Service Manager (RSM) and submit monthly contract service reports to clients and RSM
  • Monitor and develop working practice and procedures with the supervisors and RSM for continuous service quality improvement
  • Liaise with all support departments – finance, HR, IT, Supply Chain, marketing and sales coordination to optimize operating and financial efficiency of the department
  • Maintain relations with all other company departments to explore interdepartmental cooperation and promotion to optimize sales and service promotion.


  • Meet and maintain working and business relations with all clients, contract holders and potential clients to promote customer satisfaction and improved service provision
  • Maintain regular monthly meetings with Key Accounts personnel to achieve feedback and proactive operation of contracts and service obligations.
  • Respond in a timely manner to all enquiries
  • Make regular site visits during project installations and to audit maintenance operations and customer satisfaction with service provision.
  • Maintain and optimize business relations with all suppliers, subcontractors to improve our own market presence and service capability
  • Liaise and coordinate with sales and marketing for promotion to optimize new business opportunities


  • Actively promote manufacturers to accept ASE Service and Mainte


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in related disciplines
  • Must have a minimum of 10 years of experience in kitchen maintenance services management or similar management role
  • Able to lead by example
  • Installations projects management experience preferred
  • Good Computer Skills
  • Excellent Communication in English
  • Strong experience in customer relations
  • Kuwait Driving License (Clean)


  • Prepares concise accurate reporting, verbal and written on time
  • Is financially aware, able to meet targets and budgets and make reports
  • Able to prepare Service quotations for all clients
  • Maintains and calm and professional attitude in all circumstances
  • Understands and develops customer satisfaction based services that concentrates on quality and results
  • Excellent Customer communication and liaison
  • Systematic, plans well with clear objectives and deliverables
  • Is confident of own ability to accomplish goals
  • Develops alternative solutions and can demonstrate balanced presentation to management and staff
  • Demonstrates attention to detail at all levels
  • Organizes work, training, and schedules to achieve Department obligations and Goals.
  • Follow Departmental Goals and develop new business
  • Always looking to set and achieve higher standards of work and service provision.

Job Details

  • Job Location: Kuwait
  • Job Role: Management
  • Number of Vacancies:1
  • Job Division: Hospitality

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