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Post: Onsite Search Manager - E-commerce
Job no:
Location: Shuwaikh
Kuwait Head Office

The Online Site manager is an expert at driving the onsite search efficiency and accuracy. He is driving conversion improvement on a very important tool that should ultimately represent about 20% of site revenue. His efforts have direct impact on sales and customer satisfaction. He is driving sales using the tool. He is also managing the development requirements for the tool.

Reporting Structure
Head of Online Trading > Onsite Search Manager

Key Role and Activities

Coordinating access with IT, we would need a specialist dedicated to the following tasks:

  • Analyzing nill search results, search results conversion and bounce rate.
  • Essential activities include synonym rules, replacement rules, misspell rules, curated search result pages, exclusion.
  • The volume of work is daily, running scenarios, testing and implementing rules to improve search result performance and experience.
  • The knowledge base [the set of rules created] is transferable to future enhancement projects such as automation and machine learning search tools. 
  • The daily tasks include analyzing in Google Analytics on site search results and performance for all sites, then determining rules to improve search performance, finally measuring success and communicating key findings.
  • The Search manager will work with Online Trading managers to aligned key search results based on assortment. He will also share search trends with trading managers in order to influence merchandising and trading activities
  • The search manager will collaborate with the SEO team in order to capture and share search terms best practice and improve the entire search path from Organic and Paid search to actual site search and landing pages.
  • The search manager will represent trading in leading any future project to enhance the search tool capability.
  • He will maintain the search rules and organize them in SOLAR as well as any relevant format
  • He will consolidate adhoc depend from all users and stakeholders and implement validated rules

 Key Metrics:

  • Sales attributed to Search [from shopping path]
  • Search result bounce rate
  • Search result relevance [click through and conversion rate]
  • Number and percent of Nill searches

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Onsite Search Manager @ Alshaya