Skills and Experiences

Job no: MRF4054
Location: Shuwaikh
Kuwait Head Office

  • The Manager Online Merchandise planner will have responsibility for managing daily inventory in stock and allocation reports.
  • Reporting to the Senior role and collaborating with Retail planners, he will maintain all inventory management and planning tools in order to plan, track, measure and maintain stock availability and performance in accordance to our BP objectives.
  • The role will be dedicated to a brand. Our first role is dedicated to H&M as Alshaya is moving to a model where online has a separate and dedicate inventory allocation flow.
  • The perfect candidate needs a planning and buying background.

Benefits: The planner has direct impact on inventory availability and sales. He is executing all tasks related to planning, measuring, managing inventory in order to optimize sales. He is aligning online stock with corporate targets and coordinate with Brand. He is delivering all reporting tools and managing accuracy of forecast. He is tasked with reducing markdown spent by improving inventory turns. He has direct impact on profitability.

Reporting Structure:
Head of Trading > Senior Manager Online Merchandise Planner > Manager Online Merchandise Planner

Role and Activities

  • Managing templates and updating reports to measure and control inventory flow for H&M
  • Coordinate with Retail team the percent-based buying plans for online
  • Communicate the information across all parties involved
  • Recommending actions such as markdown and inbound actions
  • Reporting inventory performance
  • Maintaining weekly forecast
  • Delivering daily inventory reports
  • Building end of season performance reports and recommendation for next season buys
  • Supporting online events by managing inventory availability
  • Liaise with Logistics and operations to help plan inventory flow during events

Key Metrics:

  • Inventory allocation matching Sales BP
  • Inventory turns
  • Markdown rate
  • In-stock % on replenish-able items

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Online Merchandise Planner @ Alshaya