How to register and apply for Health Insurance through online

How to register and apply for Health Insurance through online
  • Visit
  • Click on E-health services and select Health Insurance, you will get the page like below

  • Being a new user, you have to create an account by clicking the “Create an account” link, which will lead to page like below, where you have to enter all the details, where email id alone being an optional, at the bottom is the Verify OTP, which you can generate by clicking “Generate OTP” Button.

But the problem is, you have to add your first name in Arabic. (might be rectified in future as either register name in one language)

  • Once you get the OTP to your mobile no., Type in the Verify OTP field and click “Verify OTP”
  • You will receive a pop up message saying as your registration is successful and you will receive a message to your mobile no with your User Id as your Civil ID and the password will given by them.
  • You can go back to login page by clicking the “Return to login” option in the registration form
  • Once you login you will get a page as below, where first you have to have to select Category as personal or group insurance, and the type of residence, according to that you will receive the respective application form.

  • In your profile dropdown, you will have History and log out option.


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