Hike in Expats Health Insurance Premium soon

Hike in Expats Health Insurance Premium soon

Hike in expats health insurance:
Sources told Kuwait times that the company, which provides health insurance for expats, would be at a cost of KD 130 during the first two years (2020-21), then KD 150 (2022-23), KD 170 (2024-25) and KD 190(2026-27).

Therefore, by 2020 it will generate KD 520 million for the first two years of the contract, KD 600 million for 2022-2023, KD 680 million for 2024-2025 and KD 760 million for 2026-2027 to provide annual health insurance

However, the sources warned that it would affect many expats who work for low wages and due to rapidly increasing cost of living in Kuwait.

Courtesy: Kuwait Times

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