Explore a Zoomable 360° Gigapixel Photo

Explore a Zoomable 360° Gigapixel Photo

Explore a Zoomable 360° Gigapixel Photo of the Trump Inauguration

Using Gigapixel Technology, CNN managed to capture an ultra-high resolution, interactive, 360° photograph of the presidential inauguration on Friday—a great way to explore the crowd in detail.

If you wonder who was at Donald Trump’s recent inauguration, here’s something to satisfy your curiosity. CNN takes you there with a single image, as they have published a gigapixel photo of the event. Since gigapixel technology has taken off in the past couple of years, it was probably expected. So, now you can finally see it and check out every detail of the event.

The interactive photograph was published, and includes instructions for how to use the interface as well as some helpful thumbnails that will zoom you in to notable faces that attended the event. If you really go exploring, there are some fun expressions there for you to discover—our favorite so far is the guy behind former president Obama.

The photo is available on CNN’s website, along with the short instructions. You can pan across the crowd at and zoom in to see the faces. In the lower part of the page, you can see the thumbnails of some notable people who visited the inauguration. By clicking on a thumbnail, you get the zoomed view, so you don’t have to search them manually.

When a Gigapixel photo of Barrack Obama’s 2009 inauguration was first published, I remember it as big news, since this technology was quite new at the time. Eight years later, the technology behind Trump’s inauguration photo is a bit more advanced (as expected). You can pan across the photo and the zoomed view gives a clearer image.

Click on this link to view the gigapixel photos  http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2017/01/politics/trump-inauguration-gigapixel/



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