Expats Engineers degree authentication has been outsourced

Expats Engineers degree authentication has been outsourced

Expats Engineeering degree verifying task has been passed on to a Swedish company by making an agreement with the company by the Kuwait Engineers Soceity.

Faisal Al-Atal., the head of the Kuwait Engineers society said, it is the same Swedish company which is working in the Gulf region and is responsible for finding authenticity of  engineers’ certificates in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Faisal Al-Atal explained the process as, the engineer will submit all his degrees to the company and authorizes it to proceed for inquiry. The company then contacts the candidate university to find whether he/she studied in the college, confirms the period of his/her study and the subjects the candidate studied, will be the first step. The second step will be to check the authenticity of the degree seals and the data.

He said the “the Swedish company will also provide the Kuwait Engineers society with the information about the criminal record of every person who wants their certificate authenticated”, adding the fees will be collected directly by the company.

Courtesy: Kuwait Times

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