Corruption in Indian Nurses recruitment referred for legal investigations

Corruption in Indian Nurses recruitment referred for legal investigations

Health Minister Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah has referred alleged violations and corruption in the appointment of Indian nurses in the ministry to the public prosecution for legal investigations, a lawmaker said.

MP Rakan Al-Nasef tweeted that he had sent a question to the health minister about the suspected violations involved in the appointment and the minister had told him that it has been referred to the prosecution.

Nasef said the question was raised during the grilling of a former health minister. The lawmaker claimed during the grilling that hundreds of nurses were appointed in the ministry after paying large amounts of bribes to senior ministry officials and middlemen.

A court trying ministers began last week procedures for the possible trial of former health minister Ali Al-Obaidi and several former top officials over the alleged violations. It was not immediately known if the Indian nurses’ case is among the cases the former officials are being investigated for.

Last August, Kuwait Times highlighted the condition of 80 Indian nurses who were promised jobs in Kuwait was stuck here for more than two years due to delay in paperwork and red tape. The nurse group, with all qualifications were recruited by the health ministry officials, are living in government housing, but unable to work because their certifications and licensing have been held up. The nurses alleged that the problem stems from corruption in the recruitment process, according to a Kuwait Times source. The source claimed that these 80 nurses were taken by another batch of nurses recruited through Dubai.

In April 2015, the Indian government banned nurses recruitment through private agencies in a plan to stop huge fee and corruption. Working with the Kuwait government, it established six approved agencies that could recruit nurses for Kuwait. In the meanwhile, some private agencies rerouted recruitment through Dubai. That recruitment process however was not recognized by the Indian and Kuwait governments, but those nurses still procured jobs in Kuwait.

Courtesy: Kuwait Times


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