School Fee hike request, rejected by the Education Minister

Education Minister Hamed Al-Azmi issued a ministerial resolution, extending the validity of resolution number 10/2018 which was issued last year deferring private school tuition fee hikes. As per that, demands made by private school owners to increase their schools’ fees rejected, and they were warned that legal actions would be taken against them in case […]

Wafra Road Mina Abdullah extension with King Fahad road to open on February 8th

The General Department of Relations & Security Media stated that the General Directorate of Traffic, in coordination with the General Authority for Roads Transport, will open a crossing on Wafra Road, Mina Abdullah (306) with the King Fahd Road, on Friday 8/2/2019, where the temporary iron bridge will be removed,. The Department advises the motorists to exercise caution […]

Kuwait national flag to enter the Guinness Record

Kuwait has eagerly taken the challenge to claim a place in the Guinness Book of World Records through the world’s longest national flag, which comes within the framework of Kuwait’s national celebrations. Mubarak Al-Kabeer Educational Directorate of the Ministry of Education is adapting to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by formulating a celebration […]

Samsung will soon end the plastic packaging for its products

Samsung, one among the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer is gradually ending the plastic packaging, which is used to wrap their brand devices and appliances. Beginning in the first half of this year, Samsung phones, tablets and wearable devices will be packed in paper, pulp molds and bio-based or recycled plastics, the company told CNN. It will also […]

Expats students studying abroad requires now a certificate

The general directorate for residency affairs took a step to counter manipulations, instructed all its sub-departments not to issue ‘absence permits’ for expat students studying overseas unless they provide –  ‘to whom it may concern’ certificates from their universities after endorsing it from Kuwaiti embassies in the country where they study. Security sources explained that […]

Expats with the Salary of KD 500 can also now sponsor their family for visit visa

The interior ministry’s residency affairs directorate announced new regulations for issuing various types of visit visas; it directed various department managers to set a minimum salary of KD 500 for sponsors applying for visit visas for their parents or in-laws. The instructions also authorized various immigration managers to set the visit period for parents and […]