Australian pubs to support their local farmers

Australian pubs to support their local farmers

Farmers in Australia who were affected due to drought in their country have a good news, as the pub owners all over the country have planned to donate for the campaign “Parma for Farmers” in an effort to raise over 1million dollars.

The concept is that pubs will donate $1 or more from each chicken parmigiana they sell to Rural Aid’s ‘Buy a Bale’ campaign, which purchases and sends hay bales to farms in drought-affected areas. It was introduced because recently a region in Australia declared 100% in drought, and farmers in the region are facing starving stock and dying crops.

Rural Aid chief executive Charles Alder estimates about 700 or more venues across the country have indicated they’re participating in the campaign, and a quick search on Facebook shows hundreds of events from pubs in every state pledging their parma donations to the cause.

Courtesy: Smart company


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