The traffic laws of Kuwait are laid by the Ministry of Interior, and in recent years stringent regulations have been executed for the issuance of driving and other vehicle licenses.

Expatriates who apply for a driving license should possess a valid university degree, earn a salary of K.D. 400 or more, a valid address, and should be residing in the country for more than 2 years. The applicant must pass the driving test, has to attain 18 years of age and physically fit.

Drinking, smoking, eating, texting and attending phone calls while driving is strictly prohibited. Digital cameras to track the traffic violations such as over speeding, crossing red signal etc. are installed in most of the roads.

A points system came into action in 2008, wherein a specific no. of points is assigned for each traffic violation. Accumulation of these points and reaching set limits, calls for legal action which may be detention from driving for a specific period, paying penalty or deportation at the worst.