17,000 job opportunities for Kuwaitis in private sectors soon

17,000 job opportunities for Kuwaitis in private sectors soon

The Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) is carrying out distinguished efforts towards boosting the percentage of employment opportunities for Kuwaitis and lessening future unemployment, MGRP Secretary General Fawzi Al-Majdali said.

The foremost objective of this program is to achieve the targeted increase in Kuwaiti labor percentage in the private sector in various aspects, to be precise, a regular monthly income for Kuwaitis in particular in private sectors, Majdali said. He added that the proposal to amend the percentages of Kuwaiti workers in the private sector is complete, and is being coordinated with the concerned authorities to make 17,000 job opportunities shortly.

According to the proposed law, telecommunication and banking sectors will witness the highest percentage rise, because the amendments stipulates that 65 and 68 percent of employees should be Kuwaitis in both the sectors.

Courtesy: Kuwait Times

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